Reinvention is good for the soul

Approaching the eve of my birthday and crumbling under academic pressure, I am motivated to try to turn this blog into what I would actually like it to be: a portal through which I can share my creativity and interests with others. I always seem to become distracted and forget about the blog. I need to remember that this is for me first and foremost, and if I want to see myself grow in this way, then I have to put in the time and effort for it.

Things I want to chronicle:

  • my favorite TV series
  • great movies
  • fanart
  • reviews of things I use/do
  • my changing aesthetic sense
  • scrapbooking
  • analysis of books that I’ve read
  • inspirational people
  • places that I have/will visit
  • interesting historical events
  • languages
  • how much I love my kitties (most of the time)
  • things that I make
  • my writings

Here’s to a fresh start! Bonne chance à moi !


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