Summer productivity; or What I’ve Done So Far

I’ve been technically unemployed this summer, but not completely inactive, so I decided to list all of the things I’ve gotten done so far.

  1. Switched from drinking weight-loss tea to coffee – the tea was roughly $60/month, the coffee is about $90/four months because I drink less per day.
  2. Used up hair dye products – I had bought hair color ahead of time, used all of the packages, and am now growing out my natural hair color. I began using the included tubes of conditioner instead of buying a new bottle of conditioner for colored hair. I am down to the last two tubes.
  3. Unpacked crates of books – and subsequently created stacks at the foot of my bed of all the books that I haven’t read yet. I will keep, donate, or scrap according to how enjoyable the read is.
  4. Converted all clothes hangers to ultra-slim hangers – satisfied my visual preference for identical hangers and creates room to hang more clothes so I can use the shelf space for other storage.
  5. Cut out patterns and materials – did this for all but the most recent shirt pattern purchased.
  6. Organized bathroom cabinet – I moved the plastic drawers from my bedroom to under the bathroom sink, enabling me to clear off the countertop and put my makeup in a more accessible location.
  7. Used up the cosmetic products I have – made doable by the fact that it was more convenient to reach for my makeup in the morning. I could also easily grab a face mask or one of the skincare samples I’ve collected over time, so the collection is slowly whittling down.
  8. Rearranged my bedroom – moving a cabinet to a better location against the wall, putting up two shelves, reorganizing my bookshelves according to what I use the most.
  9. Decorated my bedroom – I finally put together the decorative touches I’ve been wanting to add: a gallery section above my desk, displays of stuffed animals, figurines, etc.
  10. Repurposed food containers for organization – cookie tins now hold paper scraps and glass jars hold loose things like buttons and movie ticket stubs. I’ve taken to decorating them so they don’t look like they came from the pantry.
  11. Created a smashbook – using large paper scraps and recycling an old sketchbook. I’m rather in love with it.
  12. Taken two required classes – which means that I’m down to my last 12 credits before I can graduate, finally!
  13. Shredded 2+ bags of junk mail – several years build-up of credit card offers that I wanted to properly destroy.
  14. Modgepodged a crapload of stuff – decorated the inner doors of the cabinet, collaged empty puzzle boxes that were then used to hold more papers, recycled scraps into art for my journal.
  15. Filed my academic and work papers – sorted and filed all of my graded essays, tests, etc., by semester for my records. Did the same for all of my paycheck stubs and relevant documents.
  16. Gathered the electronics into one place – this includes any game controllers, cords, chargers, anything that’s used even if I don’t know what it’s used with. This makes going through the basket to match with the appropriate item an easier task than having to search through my whole room. Biggest time saver with this one!

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