Winter productivity; a Semiannual Update

Let’s make this a regular thing, shall we? Since the end of last July I have…

  1. Used up samples and extras of various bath and body products – I am on the last tube of conditioner from the hair dye packages (I seem to have miscounted last time) and I used some of the travel size / sample soaps that I had. For some reason I have a large collection of samples in those plastic pouches that are nigh impossible to use in the shower when your hands are wet.
  2. Cleaned out the garage – as part of my family’s winter holiday resolution, we donated a lot of stuff and rediscovered some things we thought lost. Now there is a pathway through our garage and I’ve found several of my blankets and a ton more books.
  3. Sorted out the found books – condensed into about 15 standard office size boxes that are stacked outside my door. I have quite a bit of reading to do this year as a result. However, we did manage to pick out a box or two full of books too young for me or were religious books. Almost all of the cookbooks went to my aunt that loves cooking.
  4. Obtained a clothing rack – that has been fixed with the use of a drill and some serious screws to be able to stand tall enough now that I can hang my coats on it. This cleared up some nice room in my closet and gave me something cool to look at from my bed.
  5. Cleaned the floor twice – because we moved the furniture around and I had gigantic dust bunnies under there. Consequently, I picked up everything and vacuumed the entire room twice.
  6. Painted the bathroom – the walls and ceiling are a nice turquoise blue and the cabinet, trim, door, and doorframe are painted ultra white.
  7. Emptied storage boxes – these had come in from the garage when we found they held stuff that I haven’t seen since we moved here. I redistributed things and threw some stuff away, found some things I’ve been missing. I was very glad to find some of favorite childhood toys which I’ve cleaned and put in a place of honor on my top shelf. ( n _ n )
  8. Filled the smashbook – currently at a little more than half full. It’s so random, just the way I intended it to be. I have found it to be a good catchall for the loose ephemera that I’ve squirrelled away in small shopping bags over the years.
  9. Graduated from university – my biggest accomplishment to date. Finally!
  10. Destroyed unnecessary papers – all those repetitive copies of legislative mumbo jumbo that come with the actual important documents, didn’t feel like wasting space by saving it all. I kept the most recent and up to date copies and destroyed the rest.
  11. Modgepodged the cabinet shelves – replacing the plain shelf paper that Mother had put in there. It took a couple days of bent over work that killed my back and left my hands sticky with glue, but it sure does look amazing.
  12. Moved furniture – which allowed me to put my bed in a more accessible and warmer place and gave me room for the clothing rack mentioned above.
  13. Lined the wire rack shelves – as my closet has a wire rack organizing unit in it. I had the idea to lay down some of the old shopping bags I’ve kept and they make a good liner for the wire shelving. The clothes piles sit neater and are less prone to tipping.
  14. Bought a dress form – made sewing dresses easier because the form was adjustable. Unfortunately, I lost several inches while I was going to the gym regularly so the mannequin is actually a little too big now!

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