Evolving frugalities

I was taking off my mascara and started thinking about how frugal I’ve become lately. The first one is how I related this train of thought to removing mascara…

  1. Using $1 cotton pads – to take off my mascara and eye makeup. They’re cheaper at the dollar store and the same thickness. I use one cotton pad per eye, so two pads per day when I wear mascara and/or eye make up. If I don’t make it to the dollar store when I run out, I buy the generic brand, Up & Up, at Target.
  2. Baby oil as makeup remover – which takes off the most stubborn long-lasting mascara and leaves the skin around my eyes very soft. After I started using baby oil, I noticed my eyelashes grew out to the longest length that they’ve ever been. (Or maybe wearing mascara discourages rubbing at the eyes and inadvertently causing eyelashes to fall out?) A big bottle of baby oil is much cheaper than an equivalent bottle of eye makeup remover. Some may say that this is a bad idea, but as a person with super sensitive skin, baby oil is one of the few body products to have never caused a reaction.
  3. Using the recommended amount of toothpaste  which is, according to the package, a pea-sized amount. I’ve found that this more than enough for me to thoroughly brush my teeth and all that jazz going on in my mouth. Any more than that much and I tend to feel like a rabid dog. Rather than putting a perfect glob of toothpaste the length of your brush, a pea-sized amount will work just as well and stretch the use of the tube. I think that I only buy new tube of toothpaste once or twice a year.
  4. Decorating with old nail polish  I have quite the collection of nail polish from my youth. I used to be really big into nail decorating. Nail stamps, stickers, glitter, the whole shebang. I fell out of the habit of doing my nails regularly in college, in part due to the jobs that I held prohibiting nail polish worn at work. It was just more convenient not to wear it. I have a couple favorite colors that I still wear these days not that I’m graduated, but I have a lot more bottles of old nail polish and nail decorating supplies that I don’t intend to ever use again. Thus, I used old nail colors to paint the plain decorative rocks that my dad bought me. It’s a long process because it takes forever to dry and there was a whole bag of rocks, but the completed ones look like lovely little jewels now. ( ^ __ ^ ) Another example, I used a sheet of leopard print nail sticker to decorate a page in my daily planner. It wasn’t very sticky anymore so I used deco tape to hold it in place.
  5. Glass jars as storage containers I began saving the glass jars from the pesto and spaghetti sauces that we buy. Also, Starbucks drinks from the store. Cleaned out and dried, they make great little storage containers for buttons, odd bits and ends from scrapbooking projects, painting supplies like that turpentine from that one ill-fated project… I’m also fond of the idea of decorating them. I painted some of the lids with acrylic and modge podge but it comes off when scratched hard, so I will probably try fabric scraps and paper squares next time. I like that I can store the glass jars on my bookshelf and still see my books behind them. Much better than buying those decorative organizational boxes from the store, I think!
  6. Homemade cleaner – I use the home made Windex cleaner recipe that I found on Pinterest to clean my mirrors and wipe down my bathroom counter and bedroom floor. It works on all of them very effectively and has a much milder smell than commercial cleaners.
  7. Using stockpiles of paper, pens, pencils – Over the decade and a half that I was in school, I accumulated quite the amount of lined paper packs, notebooks, paper in general, and a seemingly infinite amount of pens, mechanical pencils, highlighters, and such. I collected them all into a designated drawer/pile for the papers and a woven basket for the writing utensils. Slowly, slowly working my way through those instead of buying new things.
  8. Using notebook paper – instead of buying loose-leaf lined paper in college. Pretty much every assignment or page of notes I took was done on perforated notebook paper that I could easily tear out and turn in or exchange with someone else when necessary. Saved a pretty penny there. Also avoided losing lots of loose notes and assignments, which still happened on occasion but not nearly as frequently. ( ^ __ ~ )

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