The blog tag line is taken from a quote by Winston Churchill:

“We are all worms. But I do believe that I am a glowworm.”

I am inspired by:

mori girls, elegant dogs, flying, book covers, antiques, ticking clocks, movies, shopping, special effects, photography, random strangers, gothic lolita, high quality pens, korean dramas, food porn, notebooks and journals, kitties, national geographic, history, manga, true stories, architecture, artifacts, fashion blogs, skyscapes, isolationism, decorative tape, Barbie dolls, Rijksmuseum, train rides, food porn, Buster Keaton, vintage ephemera, purikura, alpacas, Life magazine, Sergio Leone westerns, the science channel, fairy tales, vintage clothing, food porn, Haruki Murakami, home decor blogs


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