Play it again, mes amies: June et Lula

I stumbled across a simple music video of “Goodbye Suzanne” by June & Lula. At first I thought they were just a couple of cute French girls, singing in English, and then I heard the lyrics:

Oh no Suzanne, you don’t wanna leave me
Come on Suzanne, I know you’re afraid of me
If you leave me you know I’ll break your legs
And if it’s not enough I’ll smash your neck

Cute French girls singing creepy songs in English? J l’adore! Ha, and it seems to be a trait of their music, so you should check it out if that’s the kind of thing you like. (^__^)


I can’t swim, but I can look good in a 2-piece

UO swimsuits Feb 2012

Some of the swimsuits that I’d get if I actually planned on wearing any this summer. I’m quite fond of the galaxy print of the upper left one, and the horse print just somehow works for me on the one-piece; actually, the only one I would alter is the lower most right one… I’d extend the top across the other arm too, just for symmetry’s sake.

Ha, ha, years ago I was too embarrassed to wear a two-piece swimsuit. After spending time in a bikini and even topless on a Mediterranean beach, well, ce n’est pas un problème maintenant. Winking smile

Reinvention is good for the soul

Approaching the eve of my birthday and crumbling under academic pressure, I am motivated to try to turn this blog into what I would actually like it to be: a portal through which I can share my creativity and interests with others. I always seem to become distracted and forget about the blog. I need to remember that this is for me first and foremost, and if I want to see myself grow in this way, then I have to put in the time and effort for it.

Things I want to chronicle:

  • my favorite TV series
  • great movies
  • fanart
  • reviews of things I use/do
  • my changing aesthetic sense
  • scrapbooking
  • analysis of books that I’ve read
  • inspirational people
  • places that I have/will visit
  • interesting historical events
  • languages
  • how much I love my kitties (most of the time)
  • things that I make
  • my writings

Here’s to a fresh start! Bonne chance à moi !